About CMA

CMA has been researching and directing all of its resources and focus towards abacus mental arithmetic teaching for total brain development for over 35 years.

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CMA’s Vision

To be the leading abacus mental arithmetic educational institution in the world.

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Creating Great Minds!

As specialists, CMA has been researching and directing all of its resources and focus towards abacus mental arithmetic teaching for total brain development for over thirty-five years. Under the guidance of Taiwanese founder, Master Tai Chiang Ching, CMA has developed a multimedia-based, unique and trusted teaching system globally that aims at Creating Great Minds!

We offer a credible method that would make children of the world winners in their own right. A program that will help children enhance their abilities and excel in every sphere in the practical world to meet the needs of tomorrow.

CMA is managed and backed by a team of qualified professionals with a wealth of teaching experience and management skills. Since its establishment in 1984, CMA is constantly striving hard to create a niche for itself through quality education and effective propagation. Therefore, we not only constantly improve our teaching skill, create good learning environment and implement vivid and lively teaching, but also hire professional teachers, editing and choosing high standard teaching materials, to suit learners’ needs.

The ever increasing awareness of the significance of information technology application has led CMA to develop a program that has an academic as well as a technology focus. In keeping with the global technological advancements, CMA is the first leading abacus mental arithmetic educational institution that uses multimedia teaching techniques, making us the leader in marrying the traditional way of teaching abacus with the contemporary means of Information Technology.

Over the years, we have trained numerous students who have performed well academically and also clinched top honours in major abacus competitions. Our goal is to help every child unleash his mental potential through our two-hand abacus mental arithmetic methodology.

CMA is among one of the world’s fastest growing mental arithmetic training institutes. Today, we have presence in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Sudan, India, Nigeria, Philippines, United States, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Cambodia and are continuing to expand to new territories.

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At CMA, our mission is Creating Great Minds! We aim to foster the accelerated learning of the two-hand system of Abacus Arithmetic, Mental Arithmetic and Aural Arithmetic with passion and to empower our students with mental, physical, and spiritual energy for challenges in life.
Master Tai Chiang Ching
CMA Founder

CMA’s Values

To educate with passion

To service with a smile

To demonstrate professionalism

To enhance quality learning

To boost efficient learning

To create a vibrant learning environment

CMA’s Teaching Philosophy

Increase one's level of intelligence

Induce one's potential

Train one's concentration

Build up one flexibility

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