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A founder with great passion for teaching and inspiring others.

About CMA’s Founder

'Enhance the Learner's learning interests, Stimulate their brains and improve their Reation ability so that they can be more Active and Intelligent.'

Master Tai Chiang Ching has shown a keen interest in calculation using the abacus and mental arithmetic ever since he was a child. Even during his school days, he managed to attain the qualification of someone at an advanced level. After retiring from the army, he devoted himself entirely to study calculation using the abacus. He established CMA in 1984 and became the committee member of the Association of Children’s Abacus Calculation in Taiwan the same year. He was awarded the World's Best Mental Arithmetic Trainer in 1991 and is also the President of Yu-Ming Publishing Co. Ltd.

He not only promotes the benefits of calculation with abacus and mental arithmetic, but also makes every effort to study the theories of them and development of new techniques. In 1992, Master Tai broke the traditional method of teaching calculations with abacus and mental arithmetic. To enhance students’ interest and learning results, Master Tai introduced a new technique which makes use of both hands to manipulate the abacus beads. This technique has been used on the mainland of China right up to Taiwan. He advocated this technique and became the pioneer in adopting the both hands method to manipulate beads, thereby facilitating the balanced development of the right and left brain. The right brain which is not as frequently used as the left brain will be able to receive more stimuli when both hands are used to calculate. The child's calculating abilities, responses, speed and memory will also be enhanced.

As the president of Yu-Ming Publishing Co. Ltd, Taiwan’s largest publisher of abacus mental arithmetic books, Master Tai has penned and published over 200 mental arithmetic books, videos and learning materials on abacus mental arithmetic for over 30 years.

Lin Zi Yin
  • Lin Zi Yin became the world champion in the Mental Arithmetic World Competition in 1991.
  • Attained Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Advance Level 10.
Su Wan Ting
  • Taiwan Lian Jing Book Publication published a book entitled "Uncover The Secret To A Child’s Intelligence" based on her success.
  • Highest attainment of grades in abacus and mental arithmetic examination.
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