Franchise Opportunity

With CMA, you will be collaborating with an internationally reputed organisation, offering a unique, proven and trusted program.

CMA Franchise Model

CMA's Franchise Model

Parents worldwide are looking frantically to find a credible method that would make their children winners in their own right intellectually and to adequately meet the needs of tomorrow.

Consequently, supplementary education has become one of the most lucrative business sectors today. With CMA, you will be collaborating with an internationally reputed organisation, offering a unique, proven and trusted program.

Since its founding in 1984, CMA has established itself as leader in abacus mental arithmetic education. We are a multi-award winning educational institution with an international presence and our unique multimedia-based learning program has been trusted and proven with a track record.

With our support, you can have the easiest learning curve. There is a comprehensive package for its program which includes professional teacher’s training, curriculum content and implementation guides, learning materials, classroom design and organisation, and professional advisory services to assist our CMA Australia Authorised Centres.

CMA has established a network of branches, spanning more than 20 countries worldwide and seven centres across Australia to provide its teaching for people throughout the world. With the competition to excel academically, CMA is ready to share our success story with franchisees who are interested in bringing this business to the next level.

Abacus gaining popularity as a counting tool in Australian schools | ABC News

CMA's Business Principles

CMA's four fundamental business principles are to:


Enhancing skill constantly


Emphasising teachers training


Providing quality service


Providing perfect facilities

Franchise Eligibility

A suitable franchisee should possess the following qualities:


Have strong desire to influence the lives of others, providing them the best quality mental arithmetic education.


Are willing to following and share the CMA vision and teaching philosophy with others.


Have the capacity to manage a centre effectively under CMA corporate support.


Have the ability to motivate others under CMA corporate support.

What You Can Expect From CMA?

CMA has an extensive support network in place to assist our authorised centres in conducting the mental arithmetic program.

Our supporting arm consists of a team of professional staff who are experienced in marketing, education, technology, finance, and administration, and will render invaluable customer care service.

Professional Development

In-depth training and assistance to get you off to a fast start.

Comprehensive Resources

Initial curriculum and development of new curriculum to meet the changing needs of the marketplace

Extensive Support

Sharing of business planning, pricing and staffing to build your own CMA centre.

Professional teacher's training

Curriculum content and implementation guides

Learning materials

Classroom design and organisation

CMA's Franchise Package

Authorised centres can expect to receive the following support:


Authorised centres will have access to a proven and international business model, continual guidance to solve day-to-day operating problems, and ideas for upgrading of infrastructure.


Due to network purchasing, authorised centres will benefit from price reduction which converts to savings to help optimise your margins.

Program materials

Authorised centres will regularly be provided with materials such as customised books, curriculum plans, lesson plans, important notices, support materials and shared learning materials.

Product development

We continually research and develop the program to strengthen and maintain the CMA brand. We also review and evaluate opportunities for the development of new business ideas and the enhancement of existing services regularly.

Advertising and promotion

Authorised centres have access to professionally prepared advertising, promotional, and marketing materials. These materials include designs for brochures, name cards, advertising materials, flyers, banners, etc.

CMA Franchise Training


We provide extensive training in the fine art of teaching and operating a CMA authorised centre. New CMA authorised centre managers will go through an intensive and focused training that will acclimatise them to the system of teaching and operating the CMA way. The training will cover all aspects of day-to-day operations including business, education, and culture to ensure that the new CMA authorised centre managers are made a member of the CMA family before taking up this new venture.

Getting Started

Ready to join the CMA family?

Step 1

Apply for the CMA Abacus Training Course by submitting an Online Enquiry Form. Carefully read and answer ALL the questions. You MUST be able to demonstrate that you are a genuine applicant. All phone enquires will be directed to submit an online application.

Step 2

If your training application is accepted, we will invite you to visit CMA Head Office for an initial assessment and interview. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about CMA during this face-to-face meeting.

Step 3

Make payment to secure your spot. We only offer a limited number of spots per training course. Attend CMA Abacus Training Course held at CMA Head Office in Chatswood, NSW. Attempt and pass the final assessments.

Step 4

Complete and return the confidential franchise application form to CMA Head Office.

Step 5

The CMA Authorised Centre Selection Committee will review the franchise application form. Applicants will be notified whether their application was accepted or rejected for further review.

Step 6

If your franchise application is accepted, we will invite you to visit CMA Head Office for psychometric testing, panel interview and further discussion to better understand the CMA program and business philosophy.

Step 7

CMA Head Office will review and sign the CMA Authorised Centre Agreement together with applicant. Payment of deposit to be effected.

Step 8

On the job training and franchisee training covering all aspects of the operations and management of a CMA Centre. Finalise staff and teachers’ training schedule. Finalise the Centre's opening schedule.

Let's get you started today!

Join the growing CMA family in Australia.