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Address: Suite 41, 47 Neridah Street
Chatswood Village, NSW 2067


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  1. CMA’s unique and scientifically-proven mental arithmetic program established since 1984 has been tried and tested for over 30 years.
  2. We are loved and trusted by thousands of CMA students and parents worldwide in over 20 nations and territories.
  3. CMA's programs have been rated 5/5 stars based on 10 reviews by satisfied CMA Parents across Australia.
  4. We are conveniently located in seven centres across three states.
  5. We are the pioneer of the ‘two-hand, four-fingers’ abacus technique.
  6. All students have access to our comprehensive resources including over 200 abacus mental arithmetic books, videos and learning materials, researched and tested by CMA Taiwan (International).
  7. Our syllabus effectively promotes the total development of both the right and left brain in a holistic manner.
  8. Our curriculum incorporates the use of exclusive multimedia-based teaching materials to enhance learning by CMA students.
  9. We create a lively and enjoyable learning environment for our students to make grasping challenging concepts a breeze.
  10. We have produced star students who have performed exceptionally well academically in competitions nationally and abroad.
  11. Our ability-based programs allows students to learn according to their own individual pace.
  12. Regular feedback to help guide parents to assist their children during learning.

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