CMA Programs

CMA offers a range of abacus mental arithmetic educational, learning and developmental programs for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

CMA Mental Arithmetic Chatswood student

Why CMA?

Award Winning and Accredited
CMA is a multi-award winning program that is accredited and appraised by the Taiwan Association of Children’s Abacus Calculation.

Two-Hand, Four-Fingers
CMA’s unique ‘two-hand, four-fingers’ abacus system taps into the mental capabilities of the human brain to solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy. By visualising an abacus in the mind, students are able to stimulate both the right and left brain while doing mental maths.

'Heaps better than a calculator': Why kids are using an abacus again

12 Reasons to Choose CMA

Tried and Tested

CMA’s unique and scientifically-proven mental arithmetic program established since 1984 has been tried and tested for more than 35 years.

Loved by Students

We are loved and trusted by thousands of CMA students from over 20 countries and territories.

Recommended by Parents

CMA's programs are rated 5 stars by satisfied CMA parents.

Enjoyable Learning Environment

We create a lively and enjoyable learning environment for our students.

Both Hands

We are the pioneer of the ‘two-hand, four-fingers’ abacus technique.

Total Development

Our syllabus effectively promotes the total development of both the right and left brain.

Multimedia Based

Our curriculum incorporates the use of exclusive multimedia-based teaching materials to enhance training.

Access to Resources

All students have access to our comprehensive resources including over 200 abacus mental arithmetic books, videos and learning materials, researched and tested by CMA Taiwan.

Conveniently Located

We are conveniently located in six centres across four states nationwide.

Star Students

We nurture star students who have performed exceptionally well academically.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our ability-based programs allows students to learn according to their own individual pace.

Regular Feedback

Regular feedback to help guide parents to assist their children during learning.

Programs Offered by CMA

The ever increasing significance of information technology has led CMA to develop programs that have an academic as well as a technological focus. In keeping with these global advancements, CMA is the pioneering abacus mental arithmetic educational institution that uses multimedia teaching and innovative teaching techniques to facilitate the best learning experience possible.

  • Preschool Program

    CMA Mental Arithmetic Chatswood preschool program students

    For children 3 – 5 years old

    The Preschool Program aims to familiarise preschoolers with the concepts of CMA’s ‘two-hand, four-fingers’ abacus mental arithmetic and basics of arithmetic formula in addition and subtraction.

    Once they complete this program, students can be expected to perform simple additions and subtractions of a series of numbers.

    Students will be assessed to determine their suitability for this program.

  • Primary Program

    CMA Mental Arithmetic Chatswood primary program students

    For children 5 – 12 years old

    Specifically designed for primary schoolers, the Primary Program starts with the basic foundation. It is conducted in a lively environment where the concepts, methodology, usage of the abacus and the fingering movement of beads using both hands simultaneously are introduced.

    The course is divided into two progressive stages. In the basic level, students will be taught the skills to apply formulas using the abacus. In the advanced level, the abacus is withdrawn and students will be trained to visualise an ‘imaginary abacus’ in their mind to perform different types of mathematical calculations mentally. By this stage, students will have develop skills that allows them to do speedy mental calculations just by looking at the numbers.

    Students will be assessed to determine their suitability for this program.

  • Advanced Program

    CMA Mental Arithmetic Chatswood advanced program students

    Advanced Program

    The Advanced Program is a course for matured learners who have the ability to tap further into the depths of their brains in improving their memory, concentration and mental capability.

    This program is only eligible for students who have been successfully identified and promoted from CMA’s Primary Program by their CMA teacher.

When is the Best Time to Learn CMA?

The optimum time to learn the abacus and mental arithmetic is usually around the tender age of 4. Children at this age mostly have good control of their motor skills, and enjoy playing and manipulating objects. They should able to reason logically and possess a hungry appetite for curiosity and new skills. Often, they are able to absorb new information like sponge to water.

CMA Mental Arithmetic Australia student with abacus

CMA’s Preschool Program may be suitable for learners as young as 3 years old, however we will have to assess your child's readiness. CMA’s Primary Program is suitable for learners aged between 5 and 12 years of age. Lessons are structured to be fun and interactive, and are held in a conducive and lively environment for enhanced learning.

Ready to Discover the Genius in Your Child?

Joining CMA is as simple as 1-2-3

CMA Mental Arithmetic founder teaching CMA uses multimedia based teaching including the use of audio visual aids.
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    Your child will be assessed by a CMA teacher and have the opportunity to experience a CMA class. Afterwards, a CMA representative will introduce you to our programs and answer your questions.