Parent's Testimonials

We continuously hear from parents about the profound impact our programs has had on their children. Please take a few moments to read what our CMA parents have to say.

“My son loves numbers and this gave me the opportunity to further enhance it by enrolling him to learn the two-hand abacus system. I found this a great way for him to exercise his brain and sharpen his math skills. This multisensory technique has been a positive learning experience for him because it has improved his numerical memory, cognitive reasoning and lateral thinking. He is able to think harder, sharper and faster. Abacus has boosted his confidence, discipline and focus. It has also a great supplement to our son’s education.”

Parent from NSW

“Chloe had started CMA since she was 3 years old. It has helped her to concentrate better and improve her math skills. I would definitely recommend CMA to other parents. ”

Parent from NSW

“I just want to say thanks to both Lilian and Benson who taught such a brilliant learning tool to my son. I am thrilled to see how my son counted by fingers to be able to count by heart nowadays!!! I have recommended to my friends about this and three of them have also sent their children to learn abacus too.”

Parent from NSW

“The CMA Mental Arithmetic programme is a very logical & fun approach to introducing young children to elementary mathematics. It is also a great way to help build concentration. The programme has a motivating reward system for the kids as well as a fantastic support online function for parents. In just the span of a few months, my boy is able to do simple addition and subtraction mentally and the better he gets, the more confident he becomes.”

Parent from NSW

“I was looking for an abacus program for my son and was impressed by the fact that CMA Mental Arithmetic program, unlike many other abacus programs, involve both hands. The program has helped him build number sense and his enjoyment in Maths. Importantly, my son's teacher/ Lilian has good understanding of the needs of individual children in the class and hence allows children to progress at a pace that builds their confidence.”

Parent from NSW

“My son is hyperactive both physically and mentally constantly seeking stimulation. He had received complaints from his school about his crawling under the table distracting other students. Somehow my son's ordinary school work was not challenging enough to engage his mind. After just a few months into the CMA arithmetic program I see positive effect in my son, it has helped build his confidence and reinforces the effect of rewarding systems on him. Now my son has become one of his class teacher's favourite students as she is astonished by how quickly my son can work out the maths answers. The CMA program offers a revolutionary way for us to learn arithmetic. In fact, I think all arithmetic should be done this way. It is also a great program for children who need extension in maths.”

JL Lau
Parent from NSW

“When I attended the information session about the CMA program, I didn't believe that my son would gain anything from it. I enrolled him a few months later when the preschool program started and that was a good decision. My son has benefitted from the program with its memory training, mental maths training and concentration training. I believe it will provide my son with a good base for any future learning.”

Parent from NSW

“My son has been with CMA for more than a year practising his abacus and mental arithmetic skills. We are very happy with his progress. His concentration and focus has improved tremendously and more so with his analytical skills. Teachers at CMA are very dedicated to my son success and they have creative and improvise teaching skills to deliver the teaching to my child. I highly recommend CMA to other parents if they believe about having the child to have a balance utilisation of their right and left brains. Thank you CMA.”

Parent from NSW

“We have always wanted to find some fun and educational way to train our daughter's response, analytical skills and concentration span. She has attended CMA Mental Arithmetic programme for about 1½ years. We found that in addition to exceeding our initial aims set for her, she has also improved in her mathematical skills, which has helped to boost her confidence in other subjects. We are confident that CMA will provide her with the skills she needs to excel in her studies.”

Parent from NSW

“CMA have greatly improved Charlene's mathematical skills and speed in problem solving. It made her confident and more independent in developing her own strategies in completing her task. Helen is a very patient teacher and have motivated her to focus and learn the different techniques. CMA helped her develop efficient mental strategies and is able to use is it as a tool in solving different mathematical problems.”

Parent from VIC
Hear what our students have to say about learning CMA.

Brandon has learnt both hands abacus system in CMA for more than a year now; I can see that Brandon has huge advantage over his classmates in the subject of Mathematics.

Every Friday at school, class teacher will conduct a test to test the speed of doing 50 simple addition questions. Brandon always get 100% correct or sometimes only with one mistake and usually has taken less than 2 minutes to complete the test. Brandon is really proud of his results.

Furthermore, Brandon has also attempted to work out the answers of the multiplication tables using the abacus. This has compared to the method of learning multiplication tables when I was young, Brandon does not need to memorise the multiplication tables. With his speed of mental arithmetic progressing, he is able to work the answers rather quickly.

In Taiwan, for children who are learning abacus, they may be required to practice at least 30 minutes every day. For Brandon, as he has so many activities and will also need enough time to play, he cannot practice every day for 30 minutes. At CMA, teachers reward students achieving the top 3 ranking during the monthly online competition, I would encourage Brandon to do at least 10 questions of the online questions every day.

You may not be able to see any visible result in a short period of time, however, if you persist, even with 10 questions a day, which only required less than 2 minutes, and you can see the results.

There's no secret of learning abacus, practise makes perfect and keeps on practising, and you will see the results.


Parent from NSW

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