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We're open for online classes.

CMA has been delivering multimedia-based, unique and trusted teaching for over thirty years.

The ever increasing awareness of the significance of information technology application has led CMA to develop a program that has an academic as well as a technology focus. In keeping with the global technological advancements, CMA is the first leading abacus mental arithmetic educational institution that uses multimedia teaching techniques, making us the leader in marrying the traditional way of teaching abacus with the contemporary means of Information Technology.

Remote Online Classes

CMA students may attend online classes using video conferencing software.

Multimedia Based Teaching

Our curriculum incorporates the use of exclusive multimedia-based teaching materials.

CMA Online Learning

CMA students may access online practice questions to review topics covered in class.

Abacus gaining popularity as a counting tool in Australian schools | ABC News

Abacus gaining popularity as a counting tool in Australian schools | ABC News

A growing number of Australian children are turning to the centuries-old abacus counting tool to get ahead in the classroom and reconnect with their cultural heritage.

'Heaps better than a calculator': Why kids are using an abacus again

Parent's Testimonials

“... a very logical & fun approach to introducing young children to elementary mathematics.”

Parent from NSW

“Teachers at CMA are very dedicated to my son success and they have creative and improvise teaching skills.”

Parent from NSW

“The program has helped him build number sense and his enjoyment in Maths.”

Parent from NSW

“... she has also improved in her mathematical skills, which has helped to boost her confidence in other subjects.”

Parent from NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course fees?

To learn more our fee structure, please request a free trial class from your nearest CMA Centre. Our staff will be happy to assess your child and answer any questions you might have.

Where are CMA Centres located?

We have CMA Centres in NSW, VIC, TAS and SA. To find your nearest CMA Australia Authorised Centre, please visit the CMA Centres page.

What is the duration of one lesson?

Fifty-minute weekly classes for Preschool, Primary and Advanced Programs.

What session times are available?

Most of our Centres have classes on weekdays and weekends to suit your schedule. To obtain the latest class timetable for your nearest CMA Centre, please submit an online enquiry.

Are all CMA teachers qualified to teach?

All our teachers at CMA are certified by CMA Taiwan (International) and have undergone a rigorous Teachers Training program.

How are classes conducted?

Enrolment for face-to-face classes are now open for Term 3. First come first serve. Please contact your nearest CMA Centre for more details.

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